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Aug 20

JavaScript for Cats

We all know the internet was invented for the sole purpose of sharing funny images and videos of cats, right? So it’s about time our furry friends (and perhaps their humans, too) learn a little bit about coding. JavaScript for Cats introduces the basic concepts of JavaScript with some simple examples and good explanations. And …

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Jul 14

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is quite similar to the popular Codecademy: You learn how to write JavaScript code in your browsers through a series of lessons. There’s also games and quizzes to test your knowledge, and it looks a bit funkier than Codecademy. Not sure whether “There’s loads of money to be made with coding” is the …

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Jun 15


Good web-based tool to learn to code from the beginning. Allows users to register and collect “rewards” for completed exercises which adds a lot of fun and makes it quite motivating. Requires a bit of reading and patience, so suitable for older children and adults. Go to Codecademy