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Jul 24

Pugly Pixel


Pugly Pixel is a blog with many Photoshop, CSS, and HTML tutorials, run by Katrina who’s a compsci graduate and a little bit fanatic about gorgeous design paired with some fancy tech tricks. The tutorials and magazine-style designs are insanely beautiful, and the instructions are really good. For anyone getting started with HTML & CSS …

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Jul 14

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

An online book teaching you to write Ruby code using cartoon foxes, cute drawings, and bizarre dialogues – great fun and very good explanations. You will have to set up your computer to use Ruby before getting started. Maybe most suitable if you already know bits of code and just want to learn Ruby as …

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Jun 15

Learn Python The Hard Way

Emphasises precision, attention to detail, and persistence. Embraces the “learning by doing” aspect of coding – you read a little about what you are supposed to code, then type in the code, fix errors until it works, then find out what it is you were doing and why. Very good explanations and a good sense …

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